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APQS Convertible Table help


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I recently bought a used Ultimate II and it came with a convertible table. APQS support has been immensely helpful with providing manuals for the machine and identifying the table, but apparently the table is quite old and they no longer have any documentation for it. I was hoping somebody here might have or have had this table and could answer a few questions.

Here are the two pics that APQS turned up for me showing how it works:



So the table operation is pretty straightforward, but I'm not sure about the hand-guided long arm setup. Basing it on the picture above, I set mine up like this:


Is this correct? My assumption, which could be entirely wrong, is that I would need to have the quilt basted and then it is laid across with the sides held down under the side handle things. The top tray under the machine would allow the quilt to be rolled up as needed, and the bottom just supports it in place? The grey stick comes out of the bottom rail, but I'm unclear on if it is actually supposed to, or if the quilt should be held down at the top and bottom at all or just on the sides.

Also, if this is how it works, I'm guessing that means I can't use this method for any quilt that is smaller than the width of the table? And if anybody has any tips for using this table in either configuration, I'd love to hear it :) Thanks in advance!

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I've never seen one of these before. 

I think you've probably pretty well figured out how to use it.  I might consider using a rod to roll the quilt up on as it's completed and stored in the "tray.  I think the grey tubing that's laying in the front black channel, is probably intended to hold the quilt "sandwich" in place as you quilt.  Get yourself some inexpensive materials, and try it out.  As you work, the function of the various pieces will probably become apparent.  Good luck.  Jim 

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