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Skipping stitches???

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Are they skipped stitches (where there are needle holes where they should be and long jump stitches between) or long stitches (no needle holes)? If no needle holes, it's a problem with your encoders. Determine which direction the stitches are mainly skipping---horizontally or vertically. Vertical means check the encoder on the carriage. Make sure it's making good contact. Horizontal is the one on the rails. Ditto for that one. If there are needle holes, the bobbin thread is not being picked up. That can be remedied by several tips. For a quick fix if you're on a deadline, go up a needle size. A heavier needle will flex less---needle flex when stitching will push the needle away from the sweet spot and leave you with holes where the stitches should be. Sometimes turning the needle eye slightly to the left or right can make it easier for the hook to pick up the bobbin thread (that makes a bigger area/ better angle at the scarf), but that is a temporary fix. After you finish the project, go through the timing check-list. Check for needle depth first, then go through the rest. You may not need to fully re-time, but that might be the final solution.

Linda Rech

Finely Finished Quilts

Millennium on Bliss rails--hand-guided

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