Quilt too thick on pickup bar????

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I was working on an 89" long quilt with cotton pellon batting using a 10" panograph on my Lenni.  About 3/4 of the way thru quilting the top the rolled up quilt became thick enough on the pickup roller that the back of the sewing head would hit the rolled up quilt.  This, of course, would knock my quilting off.  I tried to advance my quilt to compensate for this, but it got my spacing off and if I moved my laser light that only made it worse.  And yes I did have my quilt under the leveler bar.  Any ideas how to avoid this problem in the future??????

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I don't know what kind of machine you are using but I used to have that same problem with my mid-arm machine. My suggestion for the future is to pick a panto that is not as wide, giving you more flexibility. Also, your batting could be contributing to the problem. If you are using a thick batting you will loose arm space faster. Try using a low loft batting.

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I have had this problem happen and I have an older wooden table with my ULT11 machine.  The Lenni doesn't have a large throat area and so you will need to move your laser light when beginning a quilt to make up for the difference of this problem.  You might move it up .... you need to fiddle a bit to find the best spot when taking into consideration that your quilt is longer and you might possibly run into this problem when you get to the end of your quilt.   I have also had to move my laser light when running into this problem towards the end of my quilting... it is doable but takes alot of adjustments, checking and re checking where the pattern will be, not fun.  I mostly run into this type of problem when using a fleece or flannel backing that is bulky and take sup extra space.  So, I have to plan accordingly for that.  You stated you used a 10" pattern,  you should have been able to complete your quilting without this happening.. but with the Lenni's small throat space, you just might need to consider smaller patterns for longer quilts.  

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