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Piecing on the Longarm

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Have any of you used the longarm for piecing? Several quilters featured on The Quilt Show  (hosted by Alex Anderson & Ricky Tims) have mentioned they do their piecing and — most interesting to me — collage work on the longarm. I still consider myself a new user; I  have quilted a few quilts on my Lenni, but am intrigued by the idea of using it for creating the top, as opposed to only  using it for the final quilting. 

I’m  not quite sure how to proceed. I guess just attach the background fabric to a front and back roller and begin? Are there special considerations to be aware of since there aren’t 3 layers - such as tension, etc.  If you’ve done piecing and/or collage on the longarm, would you please share any  tips or suggestions,? Thanks,


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I've been thinking about doing a mosaic pieced on the long arm for quite some time.  Need to finish some UFOs before I start on another project though. 

I like the idea.  I saw a video on youtube that inspired me (sorry, it's been so long ago that I don't recall the specifics of the video).  Basically the quilt sandwich was loaded onto the long arm and then additional fabric pieces were sewn down on top of the top fabric to create the mosaic look.  I found it a very interesting way to use up scraps. It was kind of like machine applique.

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Dawn taught a class several years ago where you use a sweatshirt cut open to lay flat and then stitch patches on using the long arm. I found those instructions the other day when cleaning some of my old quilting materials. There was also a quilter on an old, old television show showing how she did collages using tiny pieces of fabric under bridal illusion. She put the pieces in place under the veil and then thread painted them in place. I always thought I would try it in my spare time, whatever that is. LOL

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