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Do you know this batting?

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Hi Everyone,

I purchased some cotton batting by the yard from JoAnn's a few weeks ago. I liked it because it was light weight and thin, but not too thin. Now I can't find it at my local store or on their website. Unfortunately, I didn't save the paper that was included within the roll, and I don't remember the name of it or the manufacturer.  I hope that you will be able to help me find it.

I seem to recall that the paper was white with black lettering, and it said something about it being a vintage type of batting. I think that an old date was part of the name. It is 100% cotton, and it was slightly less expensive than the other batting sold by the yard at their store.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Thank you!


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Hummm, tough one, they carry a lot of brands.  Hobbs Heirloom,  Warm and Natural,  Pellon and a lot of off brands.  Try going to JoAnn's website and search batting, you might recognize it there.  When buying batting check the loft, some of it is for hand quilting.   Most of the yardage batting is also carried in the packages.  Happy shopping!

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Thanks Connie.  I have already searched their website.  I'm sure that it wasn't Hobb's Heirloom or Warm and Natural, but I don't remember the brand name.  I just remember that the paper that was included in the roll was printed with bold black print.

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