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Troubleshooting for 3 issues


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I am a new owner of a Lenni, and I need advice for three issues that I have encountered while quilting a queen size quilt.  

1. The brake on the take up roller isn't tight enough when the weight of the nearly completed quilt is rolled on it.  I have engaged the brake as tightly as I can, but it still releases.  How do I rectify this?

2.  I have occasional issues with the needle down button.  It doesn't happen every time, but sometimes the needle goes down, raises and then automatically goes down a second time.  I've noticed this when I am at the end of a row and I want to pull up the bobbin thread so that I can cut both threads.  For example, my stitching ends in the needle down mode, so I press the button to raise the needle.  Then I move the machine to lengthen the needle thread.  Then I re-position the machine in the original location and I press the needle down button again.  It goes down, raises, and goes down again.  I then have to repeat the process of moving the machine to lengthen the needle thread and it usually works fine the second time.   Is this a problem with my technique or with the machine?  

3.  I am almost at the end of quilting a queen size quilt.  There is excess fullness in the quilt top toward the end of the quilt.  What can I do to prevent this from occurring with my next large project?  My quilt appeared to feed evenly throughout the process because the seams in the quilt remained parallel as I completed the rows and advanced the quilt.  I attached pictures for clarification.


I am scheduled to attend my new owner's lesson later this month.


Thank you,


Pic 1.jpg

Pic 2.jpg

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Hi Jill

On the underside of the brake there is an Allen head screw.  Release the brake and hold the handle while tightening the screw about one turn. Then apply the brake and give it a try you may need to adjust a little more.  If you find the adjustment screw comes loose over time put some Blue Loctite on the threads and adjust again and that will fix it permanently.

The extra cycle on the single stitch can be adjusted.  Often referred to as adjusting the number 8 screw for us old timers is properly called needle up-down adjustment.  Here is a video for the procedure for the Freedom/Millennium, I’m not sure if the Lenni is the same ask service.  https://www.apqs.com/needle-adjustment-led-light-machines-video/

The fullness may or may not be something you did.  When you take a quilt in fold the edges into the middle of the quilt to see that the quilt width and length are consistent throughout.  If they aren’t you can inform the customer that you may have issues.  Now on that quilt take your steam iron and gently press and steam the fullness.  This will shrink most of that fullness out.  Bonnie Botts did a CD many years ago of her Fabulous Starch and Steam method where she showed a method for getting D cups to lay flat so you could quilt them.  She is a dealer in Oklahoma, you may want to reach out to her and see if she still has the CDs.



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