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Hello.  I hope someone can help me with a problem I have with my Juki TL-2200 QVP longarm.  When I stitch moving my machine left or moving it away  from me the thread shreds.  This doesn’t happen going right or towards me.  I have cleaned it, oiled and changed my needle.  I have tried different thread and it still shreds.   Does anyone have any idea how I can fix this?

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Sounds like needle flex could be a big part of your problem.  A larger needle and a shorter stitch length will reduce flex and should help. How old is the machine?  If it is a little old I would be checking for worn bushings in the needle bar.  I had this happen to me with one of our APQS machines years ago with a new shipment of needles, same brand and size.  The cure was to redo the timing and all was good.


Let us know what you find.


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