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Bobbin thread catching and shredding

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I have an older model Lucey, that I used to rent before I bought it two years ago.  Lately, the bobbin thread seems to get caught on something underneath and breaks.  I've replaced the hook assembly and the bobbin case, re-timed the machine but it's still happening and I can't figure out what is causing this.  The first row of stitches seems to go fine and then it goes down hill from there.  I use Magna-Glide thread and the tension is fine.  I've run out of possible causes.  Sadly, there aren't any technicians in my area where I can take my machine.  Help!

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First of all fill in your profile and let us know where you are?  You might have a fellow quilter nearby that might help.  Is your bobbin thread breaking while quilting or when you stop.  If it is when you stop ask APQS to give you instructions mag collar adjustment.  Going by memory the tip of the hook needs to stop just to the right of vertical (maybe about one o’clock) for the thread to release.  
Next is it the top or bobbin thread that is shredding.  Most common issue for top thread shredding is one of the two pigtail guides having a groove worn into it.  Hold the thread above and below the guide and drag the thread in a circle around the inside.  If it catches you have a groove.  Loosen the guide and turn it upside down until you get replacements.


Hope this helps


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