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APQS accessories for sale!


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I have recently upgraded to a 2019 Millie, I just love all the new bells and whistles, however some of my beloved accessories no longer fit with the new 2019 design And I have needed to repurchase them.

Here goes

APQS Interchangeable foot kit SKU 2779-02  a complete accessory kit which includes the Clog foot, the flip flop foot, and the sneaker foot.  Includes baby Allen wrenches to change out feet, cute little scissors, and a wonderful little storage case to keep these treasures all together.  You need to have the split hopping foot on your stand up machine (not for George - sorry) to utilize.  If you have the single piece hopping foot, you will need to change that out.  Works with all stand up models (except 2019) that have the split hopping foot.  I love this set and it was my first add on. It sells for $299, and I never see it on sale, I will sell it for $199, no tax, free shipping.  Like new condition.

APQS TRUE 1/4” platform ruler foot.  SKU 2459-17 Now it’s a true quarter inch foot, but the better part is the ankle bend that allows you get your rulers around the foot without getting hung up on the back of the foot.  So much easier and a ton more accurate!  Again, works with all stand up machines prior to 2019 and you need the split hopping foot to utilize.  I HAVE ONE ON MY NEW Millie and wouldn’t ever go back.  It sells for $140 online at APQS and I saw it tonight for $145 on another website.  I will sell it for $99, no tax, free shipping.

APQS scoop foot - Big scoop that floats over bulky seams and Applique.  I didn’t see it on the website, but another lifesaver that I have replaced.  Great for E2E work, never gets hung up.  Again, all stand up machines prior to 2019 with the split hopping foot system.  She was $80, I’ll take $50, no tax and free shipping.  

Again, it would be worth it to change to the split hopping foot to take advantage of all these wonderful toes for your baby.  Thanks for looking








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