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Whew!! MQS is in full swing.

Several of the APQS chat gang met yesterday...Renae from Nebraska, Sam's Mom - Donna, from Colorado, annalittle1 - Phyllis, from Oklahoma, Shadows4 - Jeanne, and me, from Kansas City, MO. The quilt stores on the Kansas side of the line will never be the same after yesterday. I could tell you all stories...but it's one of those things where you just had to be there. Let's just say....Sam's Mom is a Hoot - with a capital H. And poor Jeanne has a GPS (named Betty Lou), we had Betty Lou so confused yesterday she was about to start smoking!! She even got quiet a couple of time because we had her so mixed up she didn't know where she was.

Pictures are coming....the show opens today so we get to finally view the quilts!! More to come....

Mary Beth

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Wish I could be there too, uh, sort-of...

Just days away from our local quilt show and I don't have all the quilts finished I should have for people wanting them in the show. Sisters Outdoor Show is just a couple of weeks away from that.

And...hubby is away on a three week business trip so I've been trying to Spring-Clean out my work spaces, the garage, the kid's room, and get everything planted and cleaned up around our property. Phew! Lordy, lordy can't wait till summer is really here.

Keep shopping and Have lot's of fun everyone. ~~ Eva H.

(Can you believe it? I finally figured out how to post a photo and it's not even about quilting! This is our neighbor and my son working on cleaning up the barrels for planting. I think they are doing a good job!)


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Let see....you are probably wondering who these lovely ladies are....

Linda - Ramona!! - Jeanne - Shadows 4, Mary Beth (back center), Phyllis Hughes - short - front, Sam's Mom - Donna - back right, Renae - Nebraska. This is only a partial listing....do you know how hard it is to keep these gals together when there is just sooooo much to do and see.

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I didn't think anyone would pick up on the "normal" especially after spending some time with us...

Oh, and anyone wanting to attend next year, we will be renting a bus for the shop hop...if you have heard the story of our adventure, I'm sure you will want to tag along next time :D:P:cool:

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Did Mary Beth just call you 'short'? Well, I wouldn't stand for

that. Oh, wait, you are standing. :D

OK, tall people to the back.

Our group couldn't seem to connect with Grammie Tammie or Norece. So RenaeG walked around with a sign "Where is Grammie Tammie and Norece Embody?" It worked. Tammie found us in front of Cirlce Lord booth. I still have not seen Norece. I wanted to at least say "Hello" to her.


I was in that Kay Oft class. They called your name for the door prize a while after you left. That's how I know you were there. They wouldn't let me keep your prize, though. Drat. I tried to explain that we were forum buddies. Alas. I hope that I can find you tomorrow. Maybe I can get Renae to wear that

"Where in the world is Norece?" sign on her back tomorrow. LOL.

For those of you who have never been to MQS, you've got to try it next year. So much fun. Good classes and lots of quilting goodies.

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Yes, Linda, I noticed the word short in my description, but I figured it must be a typing error. After all, just because I had to sit on a very, very high stool to reach Mary Beth's Millenium, could only see the top of my hair in her bathroom mirror, and had to run to keep up with her doesn't mean I'm short. As my mother used to say, "if you took a rolling pin and rolled me out I'd be six feet tall."

Hey, my maiden name was Little. What can you expect?

Yes, I seem to have a permanent place in the front row. The only time I've ever stood in another row was in high school choir. The teacher put me in the third row, or "buried" me as he said. It seems I was one of the few that could accurately hum a high C two octaves above middle C, but my voice was loud and it was to easy to pick out my voice when I stood on the end of the front row. So he put me in the middle of the third row so it was harder to find me. DH says that I might be short, but I have a big voice.

I hope you and every one else has a safe trip back home.


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There isn't anything wrong with being short.....you always get the front row, you don't have to dodge heads when you circle around something, because the tallies always push you to the front so they can look over your head....;)

I wish I was there...you guys are having WAY more fun than you should be allowed to.:P

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Phyllis, JudyL, Linda, Donna, Renae, Carla, and of course my dear friend Mary Beth:

I'm not including Betty Lou on that list. She wouldn't talk to me all the way home, and I missed an exit and had to turn around down the highway. Of course, when my DH tried to turn her on, she did light up and talk to him.

I enjoyed you all so much! I have never had so much fun with a group of women before! Maybe it's because we're quilters, but I've developed a real soft spot for every one of you.

Donna: Again, thanks for paying for my lunch that first day. You had just met me and then showed what kind of heart you have. At first I was afraid you were regretting going with us, but really soon you were just as loony as the rest of us!! I hope to see you again in the very near future.

Renae: It was so good to see you again. I had a great time with you the first time we met, and this was even better. And Carla was a joy. Please tell her she can join us any time.

Phyllis: No, we weren't standing on boxes! Good try, though! We aren't that tall, you are that "height challenged" You make up for it though, being ornery and all. I loved meeting you.

Linda: I was thrilled to meet you finally, also. After meeting us I'm surprised that you didn't call for a cab and save yourself! I hope you come next year and get to spend more time with us. Though maybe you wouldn't want to, but Mary Beth knows where your brother lives now, so we can find you.:P

JudyL: I'm so glad you decided to brave it and hang with a bunch of folks you had never met before. I would have been really nervous about it. You didn't know if we were ax murderers, mentally disturbed, or just rabid quilters! (Now is when you say the third choice is correct, not the best 2 out of 3) I hope you would hang out with us again. I would like to take you up on the feathers help. Maybe Mary Beth and I could come down soon and visit. Of course, she doesn't need help now that she's taken just about every class offered at MQS!!! But I still need help (on the feathers, I mean).

Mary Beth: Thanks for being my co-pilot, though we do need to work on the way you treat Betty Lou. Dropping her on her head doesn't make her kindly disposed to us!!! Was that before or after she took us through the construction???

OK, I'm writing a book about funny wedding proposals and you are the one the book is centered on.

Start planning for next year!

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I was so happy to meet each of you. You are truly just awesome gals.

I do hope you all get to come next year and those who couldn't come maybe this will be the year for you to come.

I have had so much fun this week. Met so many wonderful ladies and people and it was a blast.

The APQS chat gals are the BEST and So....... Much FUN!!!!!!!!!!

Hugs to ya and a safe return home,

Till Next time


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Ladies (and I use that term loosely),

I had a great time in KC. I enjoyed every second I spent with you. I'm still chuckling and I'm sure I will for a while. I have to say that there were two greyhounds and a black cat that were WAY excited that the source of consistencey had returned home. I even caught up on my sleep today.

Lessons learned (or reinforced).

Betty (Mary) Lou is always right, you've just got to listen to her.

You're extra special when you buy one of everything.

The center of the back seat is the safest spot when touring Kansas City, Kansas.

If you don't remember tying the ribbon to your bag, its probably not your bag.

Networking with other quilters is good. You never know when your new friend will introduce you to your next door neighbor.

JudyL, I still can't pronounce your last name. Famous NY airports for 200.

I expect lots of quilting in the next few days. New rule: you need to use every new tool within the next 30 days. (I better get started).

Sorry I missed all that I missed. Tammie (I refuse to let a bunch of mature women call you Grammie, especially when your not there) when you come to visit your daughter in law in Silver Cliff, let me know, I'll make the trec and we can meet like regular folks.

Mary BETH, I like that too, at least when we call you that, you'll know where you know us from. And next year, the donation quilt will be a show stealer.

I rode back to the airport with a van full of KC, KS people and I kept my mouth shut. KC, MO rules.


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Since I stood next to you while you bought "one of everything" that vendor thinks I'm rich too!!

I have learned a lot too...I love stencils, but sitting through a 2 hour class on stencils is like watching grass grow - I do not recommend it. Also, I learned it is torture to sit through a 2 hour lecture on stencil only for the door prizes ;)

I have made a major decidison in my life....only schedule one hands on per day - 3 hour class. And only 2 demo/lecture classes per day...I was pooped!!

I had so much fun....when "Sam's Mom" wanted to show me her sampler of feathers she had done in Dawn's class and she opened "her" bag and pulled out someone elses sample, I lost it - and that was the second day!! I knew we were going to have fun after that for sure. Thankfully the bag belong to someone in our group...oh my gosh...I still laugh thinking about the look on her face!!

I slept 12 hours last night and feel like blah today, I think I need coffee....

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