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Hi all you MQSers,

I got home today and have had some time to reflect on my trip. Like Donna (Sam's Mom) and Mary Beth, I have a lessons learned list for quilt show attendance.

If you overload yourself with classes, you will have to pretend you're in high school and ditch class just to keep your sanity. ;)

Never wear new shoes at a quilt show. :o

Take a LARGE goodies case with you so you don't have to buy one to pack all the stuff you bought at the show.

Watch demos and try new stuff. MQS had several vendors with demos of their wares. Watching somebody else use a tool really helps you to remember.

Make time to enjoy lunch or dinner with your friends. Networking is a good thing. And a lot of fun.


Ramona-quilter, Renaeg (hiding behind my big head), Donna (Sam's Mom), MaryBeth, JudyL, Carla, and Jeanne (shadows4) at Chili's.

And last but not least....

Buy a good map or hook up with Mary Beth so you don't get lost (again and again :mad: ). MB 'escorted' me to my freeway exit. Who needs a Betty Lou when you have a Mary Beth?

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Yes, Mary Beth, and think how funny it was for me when I came upon you and Donna pawing through a basket of fabric, laughing your heads off, Donna holding my MQS bag that I had tied a blue ribbon on so I wouldn't get it mixed up with anyone else's, and understanding that you had been laughing so hard that you dropped your retainer in the basket. Of course, then I found out it wasn't your retainer you dropped but your business cards. I think we were all a little crazy that day. I think it was Betty Lou's fault. Her and her snotty, "Recalculating" started everything. GPS units are good for so much fun.

It was so much fun meeting all of you. I hope I can come again next year. Next year I'm going to be sure that I have everyone's cell phone number so that I can locate you all instead of waiting at the APQS booth for you feeling all alone and abandoned. Boo hoo!

Mary Beth, it took me a couple of days to recover from MQS, too. By the time I got on the plane to go home everything that I had learned felt like it was all jumbled up in my brain.


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I finally made it home to read all my e-mails and all the APQS posts and unpack all my goodies. It was a 10-hour drive from MQS to Bartlett. Ugh! MQS was again fantastic. I do think we need to have a planned evening for APQS owners and readers next year. One of the highlights of my trip was to finally meet you gals in person. With the help of my GPS and Grammie's eyes spotting the Jack Stack's Barbecue sign behind the trees we finally did meet. Those burnt ends were fantastic!!

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It was so good to meet you too. Yep, KC barbeque, just can't beat it. There is a place in the hood that is very good, but by the time we got away from MQS everyday, I couldn't hire my DH to drive us down there...maybe next time I can sweet talk him into it...then we we take a bus and shop hop and eat!!

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I am sorry I didn't meet you all of you there. I had a great time. Loved the classes and spent way too much money. I told someone that I need to jump on this chat and not just read everyone elses, so here I am. I got right back to quilting yesterday and have a quilt to finish by Saturday. This was my first trip to MQS and it was all I hoped it would be and more.

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