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Difficult to do micro quilting with 2016 Millie

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what machine do you have?  I am glad I got bliss on my Lucey....and yeah....if you can do it without the stitch regulator on it really helps...just got to get used to not using the stitch regulator and that has a learning curve to it.  With the stitch regulator on, you are fighting the machine as it tries to keep an even stitch length...glide should be helping though....and if you chose to use the stitch regulator....shortening the stitch length also would help as the regulator doesn't have to maintain that nice longer stitch and it easier to make those little curves....

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On 4/11/2020 at 11:41 AM, dianedamico said:

Thanks so much for your input, I do have Bliss and I forgot to take it off stitch regulator so that's my problem as I did reduce the length of the stitch.

Isn't that what Quilt Glide is supposed to do for you (if you have it turned on)?  At least that was my understanding from the road show I attended - when turned on it was supposed to use the stitch regulator during larger motions but automatically suspend regulation when you did small movements.

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