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The important take-away is adequate power (have seen it listed as 1000 VA pure sine wave for non-fabric advance, non-Quilt Path and 1500 VA pure sine wave for the bigger/more complex machines).

The models in the above graphic might be older.  Personally, we run APC equipment for our UPSes (we use them for computer networking equipment and security cameras).  I've had issues with loose-fitting connectors and poor customer support on CyberPower.

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Thanks Cagey and mkc! I have a CyperPower that's worked well for a computer and haven't had to call tech support so I'll likely go with that. I've had APC before too and no complaints either.

About adequate power: I can't find any power requirements in the Lenni manual, maybe I'm just missing it. Does anyone have that info (I think it's a 2018 model)? I'll likely get a 1500 VA so I think that enough power, but still curious.

Also for dual conversion, I found an Opti UPS (they use the term double conversion) but those are expensive. I'm just looking to protect the Lenni in a power outage/surge. So I don't really care about any delay caused by a Sine Wave UPS to kick in. If that happens I'd just shut down and use it later. Any opinions on whether the Sine Wave UPS is more than adequate for protection? Or does dual conversion offer better protection?

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The main power fuse on a Lenni is 3.15 amps which is the equivalent of about 400 watts.  You want a unit with zero delay and that is what dual conversion will give you.  Not to say you can’t get zero delay without dual conversion.  I’m not sure if the Lenni will tolerate a delay switching to a backup but I know the Millennium won’t.  If you are quilting along and the power goes out there is an excellent chance the needle is in the fabric, you will tear the quilt.  In my opinion buy the smallest dual conversion back up,  you just need it to keep the machine running until you can stop moving.  

Just my two cents


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