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For sale 2009 A1 Elite Quilting Machine-dream package

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Purchased in 2009 A1 Elite Quilting Machine (dream package)  original price $24,900 - asking $6000
A1 Long arm Model 923 Elite Platinum machine head with our patented Ergo-Grip fully repositioning handles
•    12’ Steel Table with Lightbox for Pantographs
•    Micro Applique Bar
•    Ergo Lift ™ Hydraulic Lift System 
•    7" Touch Screen 
•    Elite Platinum Stitch Regulator with Needle Positioner
•    White Table with Batting Access Lifting Lever
•    Laser Light & Stylus
•    King Base & A1QM Ruler
•    Saddle Stool and Remote Control FOB
•    Baste, Standard SR & Cruise Mode
•    Bobbin Winder
•    Fabric Advance
•    Loads of Supplies! Dozens of spools. Of thread, pre-wound bobbins to match, Machine Oil, T-Pins, 
•    Many, many pantographs (see images)
•    Many plastic templates sets for intricate designs and books to create themimageproxy.php?img=&key=cb09321172545e3bimageproxy.php?img=&key=cb09321172545e3b


image 4.jpg




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