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SOLD - 12 Foot 2017 APQS Millie for Sale

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Hi guys, its Karen McTavish - This is my friend Alane's longarm - which she loved very much.
Everything in Alane's longarm studio will go with the machine.
Threads, rulers, needles, pins....everything.
The value of her machine when she purchased it was $22,750.00 in late 2017.
Alane had quilted maybe 10 quilts on the longarm so it has had very little use.
Unfortantely, Alane passed away from cancer and was a professional quilting designer.
Alison Glass worked with Alane for several years.
Karen McTavish (218) 391-8218 call/text 
2017 APQS Millie Longarm Quilting Machine - $15,000.00
12 foot longarm with all the bells and whistles - fully loaded
26' inch throat space
Automatic Fabric Advance
Quilt Glide 
Bliss track system 
Deluxe Table 
Base expander with large collection of rulers
Needles, Glide Thread collection, pre-wound bobbins, free standing bobbin winder with metal/aluminum empty bobbins
Misc longarm related quilting items - such as pins, oil, etc
No warranty 
Free Longarm Class with Karen McTavish with purchase 
No shipping
Machine will be located at McTavish Quilting Studio after 05/27/20 for a test drive
Photos attached

Alane longarm.jpg

Alane longarm2.jpg

Alane longarm3.jpg

Alane longarm4.jpg

Edited by Karen McTavish
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