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Barb Barna

Minkie/Fireside back problems

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We have been commercially quilting for 20 years with our APQS Millie and the last couple of years I have noticed a problem with the above backs. When minkie first came out with dimples, I didn't notice any issues with quilting, but the last while I get "whiskers" of the fibres showing on the tops of the quilts. It is very noticeable when there is a high contrast between the top and the back. I have pretty muched stopped taking these backs because of the results. I use a quality cotton thread on top and prewound Super Bobs on the bottom. This has been our combo for about 18 years. I tried a poly top thread just to see if it helped , but no change. Has anyone else noticed a problem. Also customers tell me I am the only one with an issue. 


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I use glide thread top and bottom not problems.  Do you ask your customers where they bought the minkie?  There are some really terrible copycats out there.  I have problems with the cheap brands.  I prefer "cuddle" over minkie, it comes out perfect every time.

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