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Ruler foot for millie?

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You might want to check the apqs website also....I am thinking that the standard foot on some of the machines is not uniformly shaped and is a bit thicker in the back of the foot so if you are  holding your ruler in back of the foot, you would get a slightly larger distance than if you are holding the ruler against the sides or front.  I seem to recall, they made a new foot to address this issue.  I don't do much ruler work so I never looked into this further

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I have a question concerning the true quarter inch foot.  I just swapped out my non-changeable hopping foot for the new style (post 2109) interchangeable hopping foot on my George.  

Do all of your needles come down exactly in the center of your hopping foot?

I can get the left-right set in the middle, but the forward-back (into the throat area) is slightly off.  The hopping foot is cast metal, and not willing to bend all that easily.

If not exactly centered, do you find it to be much of an issue while quilting?  

If so, what type of shape.....circles?

Thank you in advance for the input.


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Cagey:  Are you sure the needle doesn't hit the center?  Take a piece of paper, set it under the hopping foot, pencil around the outside, then turn the needle down til it pierces the paper, remove the paper and measure the distance from the hole to the circle to see just where  the foot sets.  I don't know anything about the APQS ruler feet, but I do know the way you look at something, sometimes leaves you with an incorrect impression.  As much "flap" as there has been about front and back spacing, I'd be surprised if the new feet weren't accurate.  Jim

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Yes, I did that.  Measured it is at 1/16th of an inch towards the throat of the machine. 

The hopping foot is not exactly flat on the needle plate.  Less than the smallest spark plug feeler gauge difference.  Maybe a 1/4 of a business card from being flat.  The high side is opposite of the throat.  

I will have to try using a circle template to see how noticeable the start stop point is.

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