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Claudia Pfeil wins viewers choice

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We are all sooooooooo Happy Claudia has WON VIEWERS CHOICE !!!!:D:D:D;);):P:P:D:D:cool: OK she is soooooo happy she could not even speak !!!! Pictures will follow from someone who can post them.... sorry I don't know how !!! Tad help me out do you have a photo of her quilt from this year.... Anyone Please!!!!!


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Hi Mary Beth. Thanks for posting this. What a nice photo of a big cheese-grinning Claudia!

I'm pretty sure "dork" is a universal language term and means the same thing everywhere. However, coming from a teenage boy to his mom, I think he is giving her a compliment in his own way. I'll bet Julian is super proud of his mom.

Viewers Choice. Wow... That is an awesome recognition. Congratulations Claudia! You are a super star! :)

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Hi ......my friends there over the ocean!:D

I arrived an hour ago - still speechless*lol* and overwhelmed! Thank you all sooooooooooo much for your wonderful comments here on chat and in the aisles of MQS!:D

I already miss you all!

I?m unbelievable happy , proud and honoured (you know- my funny english!;) ).....so I prefer to to say only one word , like on the awards banquet: "ooooooooohhhhh!";):D

A huuuuuge "Thank you" again to the organistion of MQS for a wonderful and exciting show - those who haven?t had a chance to be there: you have to come next year for sure!;):cool:

Here is a picture taken by Marilyn Karper which I like a little more than the one with my "50years outfit"*lol*

Hugs to all of you.....from far far away......from Germany!

Claudia Pfeil


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