How to quilt a polyester T-shirt with rubberized logos?

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I am working on my first T-Shirt quilt and I have some concerns about quilting it, because it has a combination of 100% cotton T-Shirts and 100% polyester materials.  The logos on the athletic shirts have rubberized material on it that I won't even attempt to quilt over, I will echo the logos and stitch in the ditch around the quilt block.  Any advice about what I should use for:




Needle type and size:

I am using Hobbs Thermor batting

Any ideas or advise is appreciated.

Rosanne Brunn


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I use YLI Longarm Professional on top, Bottom line in the bobbin, and also avoid quilting in the "rubber".  No special needle consideration.  I would question your choice of batting however.  Thermor is really low loft.  In my experience T shirts turn out better with a lofty batting.  Seems to help with the stretchy knit fabrics.  Good luck.  Jim

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