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Perfectly square quilt is not hanging straight?????

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I quilted a wall hanging for a lady that had some trapunto, stitch -in- the ditch, free motion quilting, and some areas that were not quilted in all four of the borders, and it is was perfectly square.  But, after it was bound it has wavy borders, what can I do?  Should I go back into the not quilted areas and do some horizontal quilting lines on the side borders to stabilize them and vertical lines of quilting on the horizontal borders?????  Any suggestions on how to make it hang straight?  Thanks

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This is from APQS.  https://www.apqs.com/flat-quilts-can-still-get-wavy-borders/

If you do an internet search for wavy borders, many point to quilting density being the issue.  

Juanita Yeager uses 35/65 wool felt in a light color as her bottom batting layer.  It makes the quilt stiff, and lays flat.  Not something  you would want to cuddle up with on the couch though.  Not something one could use to fix this issue, but something to try on your next wall hanging.  

Best of luck coming up with a solution. 



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