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I  have my Millie on the 14’ frame and considering having it reduced in length, due to lack of space. I have had 8’ leaders on the frame for some time  and have found all the quilts I have completed have fitted.  The largest quilt I have needed to do was around 86”.  Before I finally decide I would appreciate others view on this idea, and would love to hear from anyone who has a 10’ frame.  Thank you in advance.  Marie (Tasmania, Australia)

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Marie:  Bigger is always better, unless it doesn't fit the space.  I think a 10' frame would serve most folks OK unless they do a lot of king size quilts.  Usually even kings have one dimension that's less than 100".  You can load the long dimension to the rollers and quilt really long quilts.  I'd go ahead with the modification.  Jim

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