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Anybody see a complete list of winners?? *Now Posted!!!

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I have kept my eyes open, but I haven't seen a listing of all the MQS winners. Anyone else seen it posted on the net or anywhere???

I always like to look for the names of those I know.......;)

Best of Show

Sharon Schamber

"Flower of Life"

Viewer's Choice

Claudia Pfeil



Renae Haddadin

"Sugar and Spice"

Rookie of the Year

Monika Scola

"Pink Beauty"


Place Quilt Title Quilter Piecer

1st Northern Lights Janet Fogg

2nd Sawdust Judy Woodworth Mary Sue Suit

3rd Stars Of The Sea Gina Perkes

Innovative Custom

1st Stars for Arden Ronda K. Beyer

2nd Spin Dancers Sharon Schamber

3rd Awesome Blossoms Marilyn Badger Claudia Clark Myers

Traditional Custom

1st Vintage Union - Two For The Money - Linda M. Thielfoldt

2nd A Sweetie For My Sweetie Michelle Turner

3rd Rising Stars Debbi Treusch

Art / Pictorial

1st Untamed Splendor Gina Perkes

2nd Anniversary Celebration Judy Woodworth

3rd Reminescing Rhinos Pam Heavrin

Whole Cloth Traditional

1st On A Clear Day Lynn McCartney

2nd Every Little Girl's Dream Cathy Wiggins

Whole Cloth Innovative

1st Peach Smoothie Kathy Eilzey

2nd Grandma's Clock Jodi Robinson


1st Family Nucleus Dawn Cavanaugh Rosemary and Dawn Cavanaugh

2nd Feathers and Pom-Poms Irena Bluhm

3rd Rocky Mountain Floral Bouquet Sandi Fruehling

Everyday Wearable

1st Strawberry Fudge Delight Linda M. Thielfoldt

2nd Pine Tree Jacket Jennifer Bernard

Runway Wearable

1st Jemma M. Gayle Wallace

2nd Gold Rush Linda M. Thielfoldt

Tools of the Trade

1st Simply Crossed and Gilded Renae Haddadin Jan Clarke

2nd Kachina Myrna Ficken Marilyn Badger

3rd Hopi Basket Myrna Ficken Ginny Affleck

Computer Guided

1st Eagles In Flight Tanya Del Tagno Armanasco

2nd Diamonds In The Rough Barbara Hahl

3rd Enticement Beth Kurzava Klonda Holt

Bread & Butter

1st Turning 20 Again On Hallowe'en Helen Baczynski

2nd Peppermint Ice Cream Suzanne Earley

3rd Poppy Fields Page Johnson Jan Malmquist


1st Dainty Terri Doyle

2nd North Meets South Brenda Wilder Carole Wilder

3rd Soldier Blues Brenda Wilder Carole Wilder

Overall Design

1st Prairie Patch Linda M. Thielfoldt

2nd Asian Chain Rebecca Smith

3rd Salt Water Taffy Debbi Treusch

Junior Quilters

1st Chain of Command Bryan Burnett Danetta Burnett

2nd Camo Waves Jenna Fletcher

3rd Git-er-Done! Travis Fletcher

4th The Family Tree Kaleigh Westlake


1st Thread Fairy Queen Cathy Franks

2nd Needle Punched Lampshade Sandra Kipp

3rd Working Lady Pin Cushion Judy Woodworth

Threads of Time

(Thread Challenge)

1st Kansas III Kathleen Leary

2nd Plain Ol' Nine Patch Kathy Eilzey

3rd Golden Fish Judy Woodworth

Fabric Challenge

1st Dog Days of Summer Judy Woodworth

Honorable Mention

Pineapple Circles Dorie Hruska

Tumbling Through Time Carol Kimble Gail Nelson and Carol Kimble

Leaves In A Thorny Thicket Cathy Franks

Crazy Curves Mary Larson Mary Nelson

Hawaiian Punch Irena Bluhm

Some Like It Hot..Frog Legs Cajun Style Deborah Levy

Roses and Hunters Stars Ronda K. Beyer Ruth Ann Byars

Sunday Drivers In The Land Of Oz Helen Baczynski

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