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Millie suddenly races for a second or two

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Occasionally when I am quilting along, my millie suddenly races for a second or two making tiny stitches.  It scares me to death as I am usually using a ruler and have my hands down near the hopping foot.  I tried blowing out the carbon in the area around the motor under the hood, I've tried using a humidifier incase it is static electricity build up, but don't know what else I can do...


Has anyone else had this issue and what did you do to fix it?  It has me nervous while I am quilting....

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I tried blowing out the carbon in the area around the motor under the hood

Does this indicate that you pulled out the brushes, and then blew out the residual dust?  

If not, I would suggest doing this.  https://www.apqs.com/motor-brush-maintenance-video/

APQS tech support is also a good idea if it does not correct the issue.

Best of luck.


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I have been having a similar issue to yours however is seems to happen at around the same place on the table.  It only happens when Quilt Path is engaged.  I have checked for any kind of interference from objects under or around the machine.  When I release the belts I don't have the problem.


Marian R.


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I own a 2012 Millennium, third hand.  Second owner used the machine very little if much at all.  Most of my initial adjustments were carriage bolt adjustments and a small burr on a rail.  The 'S' catch disappeared. 

I've been troubleshooting a racing stitch regulator for the last several months.  I downloaded the Millennium manual from this site.  It differs slightly from the manual I received with the machine.  

My racing 'stitch regulator' happened when my power cord drifted between the carriage rails resting on the encoder cable.  Tonight we corrected the insulated cord clamp location.  Page 58 of the on-line manual.

My machine has a bobbin winder on the machine head.  Love it!

Photo 1:  a zip tie behind the thread uptake bracket

Photo 2: view of slack from zip tie toward the right rail (stand in the back of the machine)

Photo 3:  View of insulated cord clamp.  Note it is attached from the bottom and at an angle.  This arrangement gave me clearance of the rear right handle.

Photo 4:  Close up of insulated cord clamp and clearance from the encoder cord.

I hope this helps.


PS the quilt on the wall is a 1930's estate find.  Hand stitched, wonky as all get out but hope the creator whomever she/he may be is happy it was brought to life.  :-)





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