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Happy Monday, everyone!

Just wanted to set the record straight about a couple of questions that seemed to be bugging people at MQS last week:

Yes, that really was me dressed as Mae West in honor of the MQS theme "Timeless Stars" for opening night. It was great fun to put on an "alter ego" and step out of my Midwest farm girl shoes if only for a few hours.

And yes, Mary Beth did[/] see a tattoo on my arm during classes--but only of the temporary variety. Remember, I'm the one who hasn't even been brave enough to get her ears pierced, let alone have someone burn an image on my skin!

What I'd like to know is, how many of you bought the cute "Born to Quilt" temporary tattoo and put it on the small of your back to surprise your other half when you got home? ;)

I'm back to my normal self--but it sure was fun last week, wasn't it?



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I could not believe, my Dawn Cavanaugh, had a tatoo...I thought you had been out the night before with Karen McT!! Whew, that was scary. I didn't see the tatoos for sale or I would have gotten one. My DH always threatens to have a bass put on his back, jumping over his shoulder to grab a lure on his chest...can you imagine!! I can't!

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Guest Linda S

What a fun outfit Dawn! You looked terrific. I have to say, I was so shocked to hear that you had a tattoo, but then when I heard lots of people were "getting them," I realized they were the temporary variety. How fun,


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Thanks, girls!

I'm still sporting the "tattoo" as I'm headed to work at the Minnesota Quilter's Show with Karen McTavish. My little "Born to Quilt" tattoo doesn't stack up to Karen's luscious feathers on her arms, but it is fun. Don't know what the Minnesota ladies will think--are they as "fun-loving" as us long arm quilters or should I wear long sleeves? :).


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Dawn...you are a hoot. You sport that little black dress with quite the flair....and that hair!!

And yes...I did put that little tattoo on the small of my back. I thought I could tell my husband "we had a few margaritas" story and he might consider I would do it. But he knew me better and didn't fall for it.

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You are my new idol. How exotic to be a quilter married to a tatoo artist. In an earlier post I stated how a-like quilters are with those who tatoo. Anyway, who knew MN was the place to "express yourself". I guess there are a lot of winter hours to ponder life's meaning. I may make the trip. I figure I'm already starting to sag, there shouldn't be too much distortion to come.


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Oh Donna - you are funny!! He has already done Garfield clawing his way

up - or maybe falling his way down is a more correct term..... on the front

upper chest of at least a couple of ladies! I get to hear some pretty funny


I need to have some more work done myself - but we are both so busy

right now. Better to wait till the kids are back at school anyhow. I have a

mommy giraffe kissing the head of a baby giraffe on my right leg. I want to

finish the mommy and have her wrap around my leg. Saw this photo years

ago - and just could not get it out of my head - had to do it!

O.K. - so this is my way of hiding my vericous (sp?) veins! Something a lot

nicer to look at!!:D

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