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New intelliquilter owner

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I have an issue (or mistake) that I want to correct easily.  When I started my 4th row of the panto, I needed to adjust the pattern width on the left side.  I followed the instructions ( I thought) and the pattern sewed about 1/2 off to the left.   There is a point in the pattern where I can adjust it unnoticeable if I can just move the machine head 1/4” to the right   I previously owned compuquilter and I could trick the program by turning off the main box, move  the machine and then Turn it back on, then continue sewing   Is there anything like that for intelliquilter?   Clear as mud??


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If I want the row to move over a bit, then when I realign after finishing a row, I will realign 1/4 off to the right of the marked point that I made before advancing the quilt. I am sure there are other ways to move the row over(or down) when I need to readjust the sides or rows, but this is the easiest for me.


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