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Any suggestions for my Woodland Spirits (#3)?

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Hi all,

Any suggestions for quilting on this? I am quilting on a Qzone hoop frame and big domestic machine and doing freemotion. I was going to do a 1/2" wide woodgrain on the sage green (wood) areas (sorry inside pic under a light with a flash, looks washed out). Will prob do arcs in the cornerstones. Blocks+sashing is 15".

Any ideas for the rest of it - "signs", white centers and the white bough areas? Didn't want it too dense, it's already "heavy" with flannel on the back.

And I can't do feathers (seems to be a popular suggestion!). Will get me some plastic and a dry erase marker tomorrow!

Thx in advance!


Pattern is Woodland Spirit and fabric is designed by Jan Shade Beach.


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