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Broke needle

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Hi new owner! Please stop everything until you can figure this out. You're hitting something (obviously) and need to remedy that before you gouge your hook assembly so badly that it will need to be replaced. The broken needle probably jammed your needle bar and now you may need to retime. The first step in timing is to check your needle depth at its lowest point. Sometimes adjusting the out-of-place needle bar is all you need to do. Videos are on-line and printed instructions for retiming are in the manual--it looks daunting but is pretty straightforward. And doing it correctly is a great confidence booster.  You said you were basting down the side---towards you?  Probably the needle jam displaced the needle bar enough so that stitching towards the front made the needle flex into the hook. Check the hook for gouges or burrs caused by the needle hitting it, which can be buffed out by following the instructions from APQS. If the hook assembly is too damaged to work (you'll have bad stitches and breaking thread) it will need to be replaced. It all sounds like gloom and doom, but it's just a matter of knowing where to look and everything is repairable---most repairs you can do yourself. I wish you much good luck in getting to know your machine. You'll be a pro in no time.

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