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Heather Ashbach

Motor Mis-Match Detected

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I recently bought a house and moved my Lenni... I did minimal disassembly when we moved because we didn’t move far. I have reassembled him and now I am getting a motor x/y error that I cannot figure out. I have checked every connection. Looked at the book again and updated my tablet and I am still getting the error. Has anyone had this issue and can someone help me fix it? APQS is closed until Monday of course..



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I might suggest getting out the manual, and ensuring you have properly attached all motor connectors in their proper position.  If two motors are close, could you have got the wires crossed?

You could also disconnect every connection, then spray them with contact cleaner  Then reconnect all the connections.  There could be a bit of corrosion/dirt between the connections that is interfering with the flow of electricity.  

Also, push in on the wires at the back connectors to be certain you did not catch them on something while being moved.  The connector could be firmly seated, but if the wire is loose on the connector power will not flow properly.

I will hope this simply solution resolves your problem.  If not, I guess you will have to wait until Monday for some expert solution.  I will keep my fingers crossed that you can get your Lenni up and running today.

Best of luck.


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