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Ultimate II


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Contact APQS with the serial number (it's older than 20 years because the Millie debuted in 2000 and the Ulties were no longer branded with that name after). Before you do, get specifics from the owner---serial number, how many owners, how much wear/use, last service, show that it's working now and hopefully been maintained correctly, any upgrades like new wheels, new table, etc. And look elsewhere for comparable models and pricing. Remember that any you find on line haven't sold so either there isn't a market or they are over-priced. Also contact the closest APQS rep/dealer and ask for help. What are they asking? If it's more than $3,000, I'd be very careful and do some research. There's an Ultimate l on the longarm University machines-for-sale site for $2000 but since they reduced it from $4000, it may be a desperation sale. These are non-stitch-regulated workhorses and you can find bargains out there. Good luck! 

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