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Christina Shea

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I love my Lenni, have had it for 2 years, but now I am having issues with it

First my thread keep breaking and now it is skipping stitches also i just did a quilt with a light blue backing the top has some black,orange, and yellow, when I finally finished it and looked on the back it had a lot of little black, orange and yellow dots on it, please help




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As I think more about it, I have a question.  Is the quilt top or back a batik fabric?  Due to the usual tight weave, and some of the coloring agents used on this type fabric, stitching can sometimes be a problem.  If you are using batik fabric, got to a larger needle, and use sewer's aid, or some other silicon lube for your needle and thread.  Good luck.  That just might solve your problems.  Jim

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