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RARE RulerMate Base Expander FOR SALE!

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Unfortunately my beloved RulerMate does not fit my 2019 Millie.  It is no longer available anywhere and is a fantastic ALL METAL perfect fitting base.  I left it on all the time on my 2012 Freddie.  It doesn’t wobble or shift, EVER.  APQS redesigned the head of the new machines (I think in 2019) and the base is now a bit larger.  The bottom of the base expander is machined out for a close fit.  The width of the machined area is 3 inches, and the length is 7 5/8 inches.  Please see pictures.  This was developed by LoveToQuilt and sadly they are no longer in business.  This is a very high quality piece and I so wish it would fit my new Millie and am sad that I can not replace it.  I believe it fits 2018 and older Freddie’s, Millies (if you do take the threader cutter off, and perhaps Lenni and Luci.  PLEASE DO CHECK WITH APQS SUPPORT FOR WHICH MODELS AND MODEL YEARS HAVE THE SAME SIZED BASE TO UTILIZE THIS PIECE.  I will sell for $185 including shipping to the lower 48 states.


Prescott, AZ



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Sorry for the delayed reply.  Yes it is still available.  It’s wonderful.  I was trying to find a machine shop to retro fit it.  That’s how much I prefer it over the plastic Hartley base. 

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