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CPA's and business startup

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The best thing I did was to write a business plan. It was a terrific way to keep all the research I did in one place, and I find that I go back to it all the time. I also did an estimate of how much business I wanted to generate and track that on a monthly basis to see how I'm doing.

The second thing was to do it cheap if I could, and not make any major expenditures unless absolutely necessary. I tried not to purchase lots of gadgets unless I had a need for it. This helped keep expenses low.

Good luck!


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I think my first income will go toward a copy of the Machine Quilters Business Software. I have heard good reviews and feel it would be really helpful with the bookkeeping and tax stuff you have to keep up with.

I also like the invoices and the fact that it's geared specifically for this kind of business.

I think one of the very best things I've done to get ready to start my business, is the purchase of the Millennium. I am still in a wonderful state of shock and disbelief about the words I just typed. I never ever thought I would be saying that - it's truly a dream come true.


Inverness, FL

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