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Quilt Display

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I have a gorgeous, snow white, handmade "pineapple" quilt, and I am trying to figure out how to best display it, so that it will stay clean and pristine! It has been packed away for years... Any suggestions? We live in rural southern West Virginia, where there is No shopping- the nearest Walmart is an hour from us!- so basically everything I do and buy is online! Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Honestly, I think the worst thing that we can do is fold up a quilt, put it away in a dark closet and leave it that way because fold lines and fading starts to form and it's hard to get those out over time. If at all possible lay your quilts flat on top of each other on a large bed. If you want to display it, you could hang it on a wall. I would sew a loop along one side and slip a wooden dowel inside and use two mounting brackets on each side to attach the dowel to the wall. Try to avoid mounting on a wall that gets a lot of direct sunlight. Indirect is OK. 

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