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Embroidery patches on a quilt or pillow

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You would want the patches to the "the star of the show" as far as the quilt is concerned.  Maybe a "Trip Around the World" quilt, with the patches in various squares.  As far as the quilting, I'm pretty sure it would have to be freehand, and not go through the patches, as they tend to be very thick.

Please share pictures when it's done!

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I am not sure exactly what type of patches you are talking about.  The ones that I have are rather stiff, and would not bend or fold well.  For this reason, I do not believe they work well in a useable quilt or pillow.  Because of this I would suggest making them into a wall hanging.  

Maybe a picture of your MIL and your husband or the whole family transferred to fabric in the center (or different pictures scattered around in the piece), and then the patches around the picture(s).  Something to remind your husband of your MIL, and her love for patch collecting. 

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Here's a quilt with many National Park patches that travels with the couple in their RV. She sewed them down (I think she said she used a Featherweight) and I couldn't stitch on them with my Millie, but I echoed them once. If it will be a wallhanging, use a heavyweight double-sided fusible to attach them if they're too thick to stitch down.

P1020354 (2).JPG

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