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On the Towa what setting do you use for your bobbins?

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 I have a Lenni and I have been using between 190-200 on the Towa gauge and my bottom thread is really small ugly stitches, what am I doing wrong?  I have not been happy with my any of my stitches lately, does anyone have any advice about how to consistently get really pretty stitches top and bottom?  I am beyond frustrated.  

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Make sure your top thread tension is tight enough.  Tighten the top thread until you get "railroad track" on the top, then begin loosening the top tension until you get a balanced stitch.  Almost any time I have poor stitch quality it's because my top tension is off.

I run my bobbin tension a bit tighter than you.  My TOWA readings are between 210 and 225.  I do like a tight stitch.  Good luck.  Jim 

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