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Discounts for Quilting Accidents

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Hi, I have had a couple of accidents the last few quilts - once my husband was trimming threads underneath a top and he accidentally put a slit in the top, of course in a solid piece that really shows after I used a little fabric glue to repair it.  Another time a needle broke while my Intelliquilter was running, and before we could stop it the broken needle frayed the fabric; she can put a label over it on the back, but it does show on the front.  My question is, how much discount should I give for this type of thing?  Should I just not charge them for any of the quilting?  I was wondering if 25% or 30% off is enough?  I feel I need to do something to atone for this.  Any advice/experience will be helpful.  Thanks!

Kathy Baumbusch

The Quilting Frolic, LLC

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I agree with Jim.  If you tear a top stop and see if the customer has any of the same fabric for you replace the damaged piece with.  Consider supplying the label for the backside of that other one.  We’ve also offered the quilting at no charge even when we have made the above repairs and have always gotten paid anyways.  Be honest with your customers and most will be more than fair with you.  


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