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Getting my Millie 30

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I will be taking delivery of my Millie 30 in April around the 3rd or 4th week.  I am looking to buy a few things so that I can start using it as soon as my husband and I get it all set up.  I want to purchase zippers.  What length should I buy if I have the 12 ft frame?  What weight of thread and brand is good to use?  Needles...what is considered a standard size needle?  What other things should I be purchasing so that I'm ready to go?  I'm new to the longarm world so I'd love to hear your must haves.  Thanks!

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Other popular brands of thread are Superior SoFine (50wt cotton) and Glide (40wt poly).  Both of those brands have other weights of thread available also.  Cotton will shed more lint than poly.  Those brands also have prewound bobbins.  Thread really depends on the look you're trying to achieve on your project/quilt.  Some people say machines only 'like' certain brands of thread - but others say any quality thread will work as long as you're willing to work to get the tension right.  

Spare bobbin case - if you wind your own and use prewound magnetic bobbins, it might be easier to have one for each since you remove the backlash spring for the magnetic ones.  

Check out BoldNotionQuilting.com - the owner is an APQS dealer and sells a longarm beginners kit that may have several useful items for you.  (Not affiliated - just a fan.)  It has marking tools, centering tape measure, cleaning brushes, printed panel and glide thread, a couple of rulers and more.  


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