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Quilting suggestions, please!

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This is 1/4 of my daughter and son-in-law's wedding quilt.  Pattern is Brewster's Choice by Jinny Beyer.  I'm having trouble coming up with quilting ideas.  Not great at freehand feathers, pebbles, etc.  Not bad at rulers, and I do have some Circle Lord boards.  Have not been able to master pantos, though.  Any and all suggestions appreciated.  (Batting will be Quilters Dream wool, backing will be two or three of the fabrics in the front, as the shop did not have enough of any one fabric for the back.  Planning to use pale grey SoFine thread.)



Alison & bobby's quilt top.jpg

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From what I see with a quilt like this, you need to determine what you want someone to see.  Do you want to emphasize the octagons formed by the 8 triangles coming to the center (5 1/2 of those across each row in what we see)?  Or the 4 pointed star shape from the octagons+4 triangles at N/S/E/W?  Or the large interlocking circles from the 4 pointed stars plus the lighter areas around them?  Or the large circles that just touch at the points with a star between them?  There are sooo many possibilities with this quilt.  

You can stitch in the ditch around whichever shape and then echo inside or outside that shape. If you use a dense filler in between those motifs, those areas will recede next to the echo quilting which will look puffier next to it.  

Print out all or part of your picture and draw on it with pencil.  Or lay it under a sheet protector and draw with dry erase marker.  


P.S.  Good luck.  This is so easy for me when it's someone else's quilt.  If this were mine, I'd be just as stuck as you are. 

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This is really pretty. I love the pattern and I've wanted to make one for myself! 

If you have circle boards with spirals or swirls, that would look really cool edge to edge. If you're not good with pantos, would you consider doing freehand continuous curve arcs? Personally, if it were me I would do an edge to edge pattern, something spiral or swirly all across the entire quilt with a subtle thread, light gray or off white. 

Show us the finished quilt! 

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Thanks, Sue and Shana.  I do have the CL Swirls boards, and thought about that.  On FB, concentric circles were suggested, which also sounds interesting to me.  I bought the CL circle tool from someone on this forum, but have not used it yet.  I will have to try drawing both these ideas on a picture to see what I think!

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