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thread cutter

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Hi Pat - First, remove the clear plastic cover over the blades of the thread cutter. The adjustment is made under the machine. You can see the arm move when you push the button. Push the thread cutter button and see where you are having the problem. Is the blade going too far into the cutter? Is it not going far enough into the cutter? After checking this, go underneath and you will see a couple of set screws. I really can't remember which one to loosen but that is OK, if one doesn't work do the other. It is easy to fix. Anyway, move the arm (by hand) to where you think it will work then tighten the set screw. I'm not really good at explaining this kind of thing but you will at least know where to go to fix it. I had to readjust mine and it was easy. I've also had the nut come loose under the whole assy. and had to tighten it. Lucky for me it didn't fall out. This really is an easy fix just go for it. Also, make sure there isn't a bunch of "felt" from the thread that is caught in the cutter blade. I use a pin to run from back to front to clean it out regularly.

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