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APQS Ultimate 2 quilting machine.

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I have an Ult2 machine and use it primarily for pantographs.  Ult2 is not stitch regulated.  It is not computerized.  For pantographs you stand behind the machine and move it with a laser light reading the design. My machine did not have the laser light but I was able to get one from another company and attach it.  Mine is battery operated which works well as I don't have to fiddle with electric cords. Battery lasts a very long time but you do have to remember to turn it off when not in use!

The throat space or quilting space before advancement is about 21".  Depends on thickness of batting and the amount of quilt on the take up roller.  

The ULT2 is a workhorse machine. 

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Thank You very much  !   A pantograph would be better than the hand quilting I am presently doing. Am including files of some of the quilts I have finished all quilted by hand. Most of them are !00" x 100"  (my idea of a queen quilt ) - The Lisa Quilt was made with my own copyright patterns.  Katie's Quilt was made in 1997. It is all satin with rayon embroidery thread where I used it.  I have been looking for a longarm for quite some time now, but Alaska doesn't have many up for sale that I could afford. I have a chance at the APQS U2 and was wanting to find out more about it. Thank you for your help.








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