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Training for Competition quilting?

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You can find blogs and websites where the heavy-hitters share their quilting. Margaret Solomon Gunn comes to mind. Also Karen McTavish, Lisa Calle, Bethanne Nemesh, Karen Marchetti, et al. I had a great class (in the before times) from Renae Haddadin about what judges look for in competitions and what they mark down on. Check out any of these talented people and then find out if they have videos or classes available. Also look for the judging criteria of the separate shows. Many stress piecing over quilting, some will split the difference. But winning quilts are usually an original pattern and have spectacular quilting. The "stretchers"---those who come up with innovative, cutting-edge quilts that they build themselves are Margaret Solomon Gunn and Bethanne Nemesh. I assume from your statement  (you're getting competition-level quilts) that you longarm for hire and perhaps have customers wanting to enter some shows.  If so, check the rules for all the big shows. The categories are sometimes capricious---like two-person quilts have to be a collaboration and not paid-for-quilting (but the makers share ribbons and prizes) or there is a separate category for paid-for quilting. Go over the various rules with any interested customers. Good luck and have fun! ( I had two quilts from the same customer accepted at Houston one year. It was a huge thrill!)

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