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Help. My machine is loose on the carriage.

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Yesterday when trying to show someone my Ultimate I, I was trying to show her how easy it was to make beautiful feathers.  Unfortunately, I was not able to make nice looking feathers because when stitching on a slight diagonal, the machine would "chunk" as if it were going up a stair step.  Sorry, I don't really know how to describe it any better.  

After she left, I started looking for obstructions, loose thread in the wheels, etc. etc.  What I discovered is that the machine head, which is connected to the carriage at the rear wheels and midway over the center wheels, is loose over the center wheels.  How can I fix this?  Do I have to remove the machine head from the frame (please, please, please say no ; )?  What type of adjustment do I have to make to secure the machine head to the carriage again?  Does anyone know whether the screws that hold in this area are flat, phillip, or allen?  

I don't want to bugger this up, so any kind words of help and encouragement will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks so much!  

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