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2013 Millie with 12 ft table for sale $8,500

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I am selling my 2013 Millie with 12' Bliss track system on deluxe table, Automatic Fabric Advance, Quilt Glide, M-bobbin, with a bobbin winder, stitch regulator, touch pad controls, low bobbin indicator.  Channels in leaders for red snappers.  Has a top thread break sensor. It has low hours, I was quilting on it for personal use only. $8,500

I am located in Orlando, FL, pickup only

email me at beatakf1@gmail.com


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  • Beata Forester changed the title to 2013 Millie with 12 ft table for sale $8,500

Beata, I live in Daytona Beach in the winters, October-May.  I have a longarm up north in Wisconsin and quilt for customers all summer.  I am looking to set up a business down in Daytona too.  I don't head back south until October but in the mean time I am searching for the right set up for down there.  I have a question out to my Intelliquilter community right now.  Depending on the answer from there, I am very interested in your machine.  I had a Millennium and sold it (still kicking myself in the butt for that).  I didn't think I wanted to actually quilt while I was in FL, just take it easy.  But turns out I miss quilting more than I thought I would.  Hoping to hear back from Intelliquilter soon.  I'll contact you again.


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