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skipping stitches

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Just having finished a huge quilt, felt it was time to change the needle!  Well now that little stinker wont make a stitch without skipping at least ten first! And I've tried three different new needles in slightly different positions.  (I cannot think why APQS made a machine that doesn't have a set place for the top of the needle). I am so angry that it is such a production to change the  needle, that I think I'm done with George.

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Have you reviewed page 108 in the manual that offers some explanations of why it could be skipping stitches?  I would rethread everything and start over with a finer thread in the bobbin and the upper thread like Bottom Line, or Glide.  Pages 23-25 of the manual shows how to set the needle.   You need to match the size of the needle to the thickness of the thread. If you're using a thicker thread like Perma Core, YLI, Omni you will need to use a little larger needle.   Are you pulling down 6-8" of bobbin thread so you can bring up your bobbin thread and have enough upper thread and bobbin thread to hold on to when you start to quilt?  I hope one of these tips help.  


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