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Thread Color & Tension??

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I have been reading about tension issues here and had a weird experience with a 50 weight cotton by Aurifil. (Sorry if this is a double post, I tried to post this once before but do not think it was sent.)

I was quilting with a black thread color that was so difficult to get the tension just right. But I did it after much testing.

After finishing all the black areas on this small Halloween quilt, switched to the same thread in white - in both the top and bobbin again - and the white sewed like butter! Not one problem in setting the tension, no breakage, perfect.

I am using my Liberty and wonder if it is common to see such differences in thread handling just because of it's color? Could it be the dyes?? Have you had this problem also?



APQS Liberty

NW New Jersey

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Hi Lisa,

Your assumption is correct. Some thread manufacturers achieve the dark colors by adding a lot of dye to the process, thus weakening the thread. Black, navy and even sometimes burgundy red will have more problems.

I'm glad you were able to balance the tension!

Enjoy quilting on your Liberty--it's a lot of fun.


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