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SOLD!! PRICE REDUCED! 2016 APQS Millenium for sale/Blairsville, GA

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I need to sell my Millie complete quilting system with Quilt Path. I bought it new in 2016 and have used it daily since then in my longarm business. The machine runs perfectly, but I have had issues with the computerized component of the system. All the parts of the system have been replaced, including the Surface tablet. The system has stitch regulation, automatic needle positioner, thread cutter, 2 position single stitch button, platform foot, thread break sensor,laser light, turbo bobbin winder, horizontal and vertical channel locks, black light,lower bobbin indicator, the Bliss upgrade, power fabric advance, extended base, Quilt Glide , heavy duty casters and the Quilt Path computerized system with many patterns installed. I am also including a set of Red Snappers and a supply of M bobbins with the machine.

I paid $28,600 new for the machine, and I am asking $16000 used. I am in Blairsville, Georgia. Susan Slaton, Wazoo Quilting. email: wazoo4u@gmail.com, PH (706)781-1423










red snappers.jpg

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It was $17500. I reduced it yesterday. I have broken my back and can no longer quilt standing up. The Quilt Path had mechanical problems over a span of a year. I have replaced every part of the system after consulting with the tech staff to resolve the problems. One thing to know, the Quilt Path system is not covered in the lifetime warranty! Only the machine, which runs perfectly. I paid for the repairs out-of-pocket, and am happy to have it resolved. The tech people are knowledgeable and patient!


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Just an FYI, the APQS lifetime warranty is not transferrable and doesn't apply to subsequent owners.  I purchased a used 2008 Lenni last summer.  Even though I have no warranty, the APQS customer service has been amazing.  They have helped me via email and live on the phone and their responses are always prompt.

Also, you may want to edit your listing - the current price of $16,000 has strikethrough so it may look like that isn't the current price.  

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Sorry to hear about your back injury; I hope you can still enjoy quilting from a sitting position.  Is this machine still available?  Do you have the quilt path working well now that you made some changes? Do you have the manuals? 

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The machine is totally in working order. I have quilted three  quilts since coming home from Texas and it worked fine. I can stand for short periods of time, but can't lift the batting rolls or wrestle a big quilt. I also have a Gammill, and can use it if I sell the Millie. I am scaling down my business after my injury. Where are you located? You would be welcome to come to the studio and see and try the machine.


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  • wazoo4u changed the title to SOLD!! PRICE REDUCED! 2016 APQS Millenium for sale/Blairsville, GA

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