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*SOLD - APQS Millenium 2000-2001 - Bliss, Auto Advance, Hydraulics - Tri-Cities VA/TN area

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APQS Millenium (2000-2001 model)   

Non smoking home.  Do have pets - dog & cat but are not included with the machine!!  

I live near the Tri-cities area which makes Roanoke, Charlotte, Knoxville, and Charleston within a 3 1/2 hour or less drive.  I can work with someone on transporting the machine.  The poles are 12 feet long!  

Everything you need is included - the only thing you supply is the quilts and batting.  


12' Frame with Bliss upgrade rails

Stitch Regulator

Auto fabric advance

Hydraulic lift

Micro handles

Over 140 spools of thread - many new in package - all assorted colors (most are Superior Brand)

Assorted spools of Superior’s King Tut variegated thread

1000+ prewound bobbins

Turbo bobbin winder

Extra bobbin cases

Extra needles

Multiple zipper sets - easily move quilts on and off frame

Acrylic tool assortment including an assortment of flowers, shapes 

A few sample pantographs

APQS Manuals 

Multiple design books as well as practice books for learning longarming



Workhorse of a machine - will go forever

Automatic fabric advance is wonderful

Every thread color you could ever want

Sturdy frame with hydraulic lift



One of the four machine handles needs to be replaced ($85 from APQS)

If adding an Intelliquilter (not included) or other computer will definitely need to go for a spa day

Machine would benefit from a spa day at APQS to completely overhaul the inner workings and fine tuning however it works great as a freehand machine.  

Selling as is so that whoever purchases the machine can send it in to APQS and any warranted parts will be in their name - handles are interchangeable from the front to the back so the handle with the failing switch didn't really affect me as I don't sew from the back.  

In standard stitch regulated mode, the machine works great.  I have ran the machine with the IQ for the past five years and had no issues until November 2020.  My issues seem to always be with the tension so it might just be me. It worked for my husband but got grumpy whenever I tried to take over.    I believe there is an APQS tech out of the Fairfax, Va area who works on machines as well so if needed she might be able to reach out sooner than APQS.

I did have my Intelliquilter hooked up and the machine and the IQ were having a battle over settings and tension.  My husband purchased a brand new machine for me (awesome gift) and so I decided rather than send the machine in I would lower the price.  That way any work that would be done would all be under the new owner's account for warranty purposes.   If I send it in for the machine overhaul,  the price would be $5000 for the machine, frame and extras, instead, the asking price is $4000. 


Please email for more information - apqsmachine@kaboodles.com 









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Hi Linda,


Yes, those were older photos - apparently my phone and computer weren't happy with each other.  After an hour with tech support at Apple I gave up and posted the older photos.  I bought the Bliss rails not long after those were taken.  I love it, ended up with it on the new machine too.  Looks like the machine is sold so yeah!  



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