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How to tell if bobbin is stitching correctly when first starting

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Is there a way to check if your bobbin stitches are good or not when you first start a quilt. Other than crawling under the longarm machine?  I usually can’t check them until I’m one or two paths into the quilt.  I check the tension of the bobbin every time I put a new one in machine. I rent the longarm and they seem to think that the stitches are fine but they aren’t and I end up taking the quilt home and picking it out. First pic shows stitching is fine. Yes you see a few pokes of the batting. But when I put in a new bobbin the second picture shows what happened.  



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When we were new we used to add a piece of fabric to the left or right of the quilt top and do a little test there.  Then you can turn the edge of the quilt sandwich and see the back and adjust if needed.  Also we were taught to pull on the bobbin tail every time you insert a bobbin to make sure it felt right.  If you are getting lint from the thread then clean out the lint under the bobbin tension finger with the corner of a business card. Superior So Fine became our most often used thread because it runs so clean and that change alone eliminated ninety percent of our tension issues.  
If you haven’t seen it before I recommend watching the Thread Therapy videos with Bob Purcell. We attended one of his seminars many years ago and not once did he promote his brand over another.  What you need to know is not on the label.  



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