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Can't seem to get quilting

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I have a custom quilt on my Millie. She wants a specific custom look. Okay, no problem. I got the top border done, and now am stuck. Had to deal with COVID and the Flu in the house and it threw me off mightily. I can't seem to get going on this client quilt now. Help!  I have to get it done! 

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Stuck as in you just can't get motivated to quilt? I make bargains with myself all the time.  Just do "the thing I don't want to do" for 15 min or 20 or whatever, then I can do "the other thing I want to do" afterwards.  It always seems like I want to be doing something other than what I should be doing.  

I have a quilt on my frame that I bought an estate sale.  Thought it would be good practice.  It was in decent shape - a few minor stains/discolorations but no holes.  It's 7 blocks by 8 blocks.  It's fan blocks and I'm doing ruler work and freehand feathers - same pattern in every block  I'm over halfway through and it takes me almost 30 min to do each block.  It seems like I've been working on it forever and I still have 21 blocks to go!  Plus I think my feathers look sloppy.  I don't know how people do detailed custom work for hire and meet customer deadlines.  

Or are you stuck meaning no idea what to quilt in the custom area?  Pinterest, Instagram (which is down today along with facebook), quilting books, youtube.  Start drawing on plastic/plexiglass over the quilt until something speaks to you.  

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I find figuring out what to do is the process that takes the longest, especially with a custom. You want it to look special. I agree, look at various sites and see what others of done that you feel you can accomplish, not something that is beyond your experience level that will cause more anxiety.  Audition those ideas on plexie of on a paper picture of the quilt. Once you "see" the finished concept, you'll be inspired to hit it.  Hang in there, if you've been ill, you may need more time to recover. Your customer will understand.


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