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Easy pork chops

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Too easy recipe devised by a friend's 16 year-old son---

Pork chops, sirloin chops, or sliced pork tenderloin.

One can of apple pie filling.

One box of your favorite stuffing mix (like StoveTop)

Stop quilting. Turn oven to 350 degrees. Brown pork a little and make the stuffing. Plop the pie filling into a 9X13 pan. Plop the stuffing on top and pile up in the middle. Top the stuffing with the pork. Cover with foil and put into oven. Quilt for 45 minutes, come in, take out, take off foil. There ya go!

Linda R

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Linda, I like your choice of adjectives "plop" and "pile" to describe handlng the food in your recipe! :) Sure describes how I like to cook in the kitchen. I like anything that can be plopped and piled, and shoved in an oven so I can get back to those more important things at hand: that quilting machine. Easy peasy! Viola! ;)

Now... here's another fabulous idea: if someone would please design an automatic dishwasher where we quilters can "plop" and "pile" and "shove" our dishes in it so we can (yet once again) head back into the quilting room, then I am buying that baby, spot on! It will sell like hot cakes.

My quilt guild has been considering making a community cookbook that includes favorite (easy) recipies like the one you described above. I've already come up with a name for our guild cook book. My suggestion is that it should be called The "I'd Rather Be Quilting" Cook Book

What do you think???

And, if we ever do get this cook book off the ground and in print, would it be OK to add your recipe? I wouldn't change a word...keep the plop and pile in there because that's pretty much the plain simple truth captured in just few words.

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